Monday, November 24, 2008

Twilight and Other Things

Hey Everyone!
Well I enjoyed the Twilight movie. At first I wasnt pleased with it because it left a few scenes out from the book. Then I got to thinking, well, this movie has introduced a lot of people to the book and now more people want to read it. You gotta leave some surprises in the book for new readers. So Yea I do like the movie.
I have to say Josh is great. He was letting me use his Honda to learn how to drive. HaHa I accidently scrapped some one elses car when trying to park, and I ran into a few curbs. I keep feeling bad that I keep messing up his car but he says he dosn't mind. I still feel bad about it. The crazy part is that he still lets me drive it! What a good sport. lol I know some of you would be, let's just say, not to happy with me if that happend to you. Ending Comment: Josh is great. :)
I'm studying like crazy for my next ACT. Not looking forward to it that much but it needs to get done. I just hope I get a better score than I did last time.
Well I have to catch up on some sleep soo I'll write again later.
- ciao

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ouch! 11-19-08

Today I was a Injury magnet. I was trying to get things done around the kitchen today and stubbed my toe on a planter that my mom owns. I didn't think anything of it when it happend but then it started to throb. I looked down and my baby toe was gushin out blood. Oh boy I though, just what i need, a messed up toe. So I sat down to get it cleaned up. Lo and behold, the top part of my toe was lacerated. I then decided I should go to a doctors office to get it checked out. I didn't think it would be anything too bad. I thought they would just bandage it up and send me home. HaHa boy was I wrong. First they updated me on my Tetnus shot, then they x-rayed my toe to see if it was broken. Good thing it wasn't. I got 3 stiches in my toe to help it heal and I have to wear a boot to keep my foot from bending for two weeks (until they get the stiches out). I don't get to wear heels for two weeks and I love wearing heels. :( They also gave me some pain killers and anti-biotics to let it heal. I guess its time for me to just rest for a few days. I'm still going to see Twilight though. I would never miss out on that. Oh I forgot to tell you. Before I stubbed my toe. I burned my thumb on the toaster trying to get my toast out and I ran in to a couple of things. Haha super cluts today. :) Well hopefully this heals fast.
Talk to You later.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Catch Up Time!

Hey You All!!
Sorry I haven't posted any thing in a while. Life has been so busy and even when I do have the time, I forget I have a blog.
On October 24th, some of my family and I traveled to Atlanta, GA to visit my dad's mom for her birthday. I loved visiting her b/c for one I hadn't seen her in 4-5 years and also she was literally surprised that we showed up. She was so surprised to where she couldn't speak until my dad said "Hi Mom, This is Mike." She told her friends that she thought she was seeing things. We stayed there for four days and drove the 18 hours back home. *Just in time for institute* :)
November 1st was a YSA costume party/carnival. I dressed up as a Night Fairy with fake elf ears and everything (large wings included). It was pretty fun. There was Bobbing for apples, Balloon Darts, and pumpkin carving. Oh and a costume contest. I had a pretty good time..
November 7th was my birthday! I'm now officially 19 years old and still doing the best I can with what heavenly father gives me. Josh took me out that day and I got to try out the laser tag for the first time. I had never played Laser tag before in my life but I loved it! Same with the roller coaster simulator at main event. Loved It !! Oh and I did have a birthday lunch with my family at Olive Garden. Yum :) You need to try the black tie cheese cake. It is amazing... excpecially if you're a chocoholic!
November 8th was the birthday party and boy was it a good time. You get 6 young adults with 8 bottles of Sparkling Cider and Breckenridge Park...Man you got a good time on your hands. We did everything from Shooting water guns, to playing sardines in the Forrest after dark.
November 14th was a YSA Dance and it was basically like all the others. Only this time, I was trying to see how high i could kick and I kicked so hard to where I flipped backwards and landed on my back. Don't worry I didn't get hurt, I just started laughing hysterically.Oh what a memory. :) People wanted me to do it again b/c It was so funny.
That same night Josh and I were talking and decided that we could try the boyfriend/girlfriend thing out. Soo Josh is now officially my boyfriend. It's so weird to say that but cool at the same time.
As for things that haven't happened yet but will. (look for posts on these events)
November 21st- I 'm going to the midnight showing of TWILIGHT!! I can't wait. ;)
December 7th- I have to have "The Living Christ" Memorized for Institute
December 13th- I'm taking the ACT for the 2nd time.

I'll keep doing my best to keep you updated on whats going on in my life.
Talk to You Later.