Wednesday, February 25, 2009

School Officially Starts

Well... I've Officially started school! It's been great so far and I love my teachers. These ones seem happy to be teaching for a change. My first class is to learn how to operate the front office. That includes keyboarding, Scheduling and all the legal stuff that goes into a medical office. My second class is Medical theory. It's about the actual sicknesses and how you get them. After that is Medical Lab, and that is the real fun stuff. It's all hands on and we practice the procedures on each other. Not mannequins. Then its off to Medical Spelling and terminology. How to decode/ spell medical words and stuff like that.
We've already started learning how to take vital signs, Decode vocabulary and the cycle of transmission of diseases.
Well Im doing this on a school computer so I'm going to get off now. I'll try to write again soon.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Another Catchup - February 16th, 2009

Ha Ha Wow. I havn't posted any thing in a long time. Sorry about that. Life has been pretty buisy around here. New Schedules for the family, YSA activities and Valentines Day are only some of the many things that are happening in my life right now.
Now let me tell you about each item. :)
The new family schedule consists of Getting up at 5:30 am to excersize while Naomi is at seminary, then its Shower, Family breakfast at 8 am and then School work at 9am-2pm then it's family time the rest of the day. Some times there are exceptions to the schedule. Like any YSA Activity, such as, FHE or Institute. Those activities normally end around midnight or one and then I go to bed and start the same schedule over again the next day. Thank goodness for Chocolate right. lol
Valentines day was pretty good. We had a farwell party the night before for my friend Mauri who is going on her mission at the end of the month. Any ways, Josh came over and we watched a Hallmark Channel Movie. (Yes we are still together. 4 months and Counting) He had brought me some pink and white roses, A large heart shaped box of Dove cocolate and a pink teddy bear. Verry Sweet. :) I gave him a cupcake form Sprinkles(Red Velvet).
On Feb. 23 I'm planning on starting College over at Remington. The Dallas Campus is in Garland off of 635. Remington is a vocational school. I'm going to study to become a Medical Assistant. The program is about 8 months. I'm very excited. I just have to get the Financial Aid meeting out of the way (Feb.17) and the Orientation on Feb. 19th.
I'm ready to get buisy with life so here i go! :) I will try to keep you all updated the best I can.
Talk to you later.