Saturday, May 1, 2010

Test Score and Other Stuff

Well I took the CMA test and the result...... an 89!! Time to go look for a job at a hospital!! On another note, I am SOOOOOO Excited to be a Counselor at EFY this Year! So excited to where I'm already packing a little bit each day. I cant wait to spend a full week in a complete gospel centered environment helping the youth of the church gain an understanding of the gospel and strengthening my testimony as well in the process. I cant wait to meet the group of amazing daughters of God that I will get to reach out to and spend a great week with. If I could do EFY all summer I would! In fact I think I might just ask for one more week off work so I can not only do the Denton Session but the Huntsville Session as well. hmmm We'll see. That's whats going on right now. I'll try to get better at updating this. TTYL