Thursday, October 22, 2009

Super Duper Update :)

Wow I need to learn to get better at this. :) Well anyways I have completley finnished school at Remington college and I am now officially a medical assistant. I just have to start sending out my resume now (since externship is over). I had an amazing time working at Texas Child Neurology. The Patients were the greatest. They put a smile on my face everyday (but don't kids do that everyday anyways). I also loved working with the co-workers that I had and the Doctors were great as well. I would deffinatley recomend that facility to any child needing a neurological doctor. I was bummed when they said that they were not currently hiring but I am glad to have had the experience. My Graduation Ceramony is on November 12 (5 days after my birthday) at the Eisman Center in Richardson. I'm so excited! Mainly because this will be my first time walking accross a stage for a graduation. Since I was Home Schooled my last two years of high school I was not able to do the cap and gown thing when I got my diploma. They just sent my diploma in the mail and said congradulations. Not only am I excited to walk accross the stage in a cap and gown , but i'm also excited to be graduating with honors. Yay. Perfect Attendance and Deans List. :) I would post up pictures form my senior assembly but my camera is dead at the moment so I will have to wait untill I get my graduation pictures done as well.
Man I do have to say that heavenly father has blessed me soo much in my life, and I am very grateful for that.
As for Young Single Adult stuff, it's just the usual good stuff. I do still attend FHE and institute. Sometimes even going to the Allen YSA events as well. Also, as I've already told most of you ( I think the weekend after) That I got to go to this amazing conference at the Fort worth stake Center. It was amazing because I got to meet and shake the hand of President Uchdorf. One of the best sprirtual experiences I've ever had.
Another pretty cool thing that's comming up is the big 2-0 bithday for me. It's kind of weird but cool at the same time. The only thing is that it's the only birthday that I don't know what I'm going to do. I have no party planned and I can't really think of anything special that I want to do (Other than hang out with family and friends, of course). So I've told my Friends That I'm leaving it up to them to decide. Throwing it all up in the air. We'll see where that goes. :)
Well I have to Update my resume and get to planting them. We'll see how that goes. Till I eventually write again,