Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Haha wow

Sorry it has taken me a long time to update this. For a little while I almost for got I had a blog. Life has been a good type of buisy and I'm about ready to make more out of what I've learned so far. There is so much to catch you up on to where I don't know where to start. How about the car accidents. A month or two ago I got into two consecutive car accidents within 5 days of each other. One in a thursday and the other one the following monday. On the thursday car wreck I got rerended in the carolla, and on monday I rerended a big truck in the volvo. The Volvo was the car that didn't survive.

so yea now my dad and I share the corolla. I drive him to work and then i drive to school. I'm the main driver of the car so i guess it makes it mainly my car. :) But i share.

I can't remember any of the little stuff that happened between then and now. Other than the 2 weeks that I had the house to myself. My family went to navoo and I had to stay behind to attend school. It was pretty peaceful and i deffinatley made Dean's list that month. Well i've been making dean's list for a while now.

Speaking of school. I'm in my last month. Only 2 more weeks until my externship(this week and next). I have an interveiw this thurdsay for it at 8:45 am. They've placed me at Texas Child Neurology in plano. So I get to work with kids that have cerebral palsy, Downsyndrome and stuff like that. I'm soo excited! Hopefully after extern they'll hire me on. Mainly b/c I'm planning on moving out next spring and i have to get a phone and a car under my name before I do that. My friend jessica and I are planning on moving to Plano and rooming together in a 2bed/2bath apartment. I promise you can come visit when we are officialy moved in.

Well I have to get some excersize in before I go to school. So I will try to write later. See Ya!