Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Update Time!!!

Well as I told you in the revious post, i am now officially working at Baylor in Plano!! It is absolutely fantastic! If you didn't know, Baylor is a faith based hospital. So that means I can openly talk about my beliefs with my co-workers and say thank yous to my Heavenly Father at lunch time with out being looked down on or challenged. I've even had two missionary eperiences in the first two weeks of working there. They both ended in refferals to the mormon.org website. Absolutely fantastic!! People are just all around great here. I love it!

As you also know I was a bridesmaid for my friend Rita. I am going to say that it was pretty much super fun. Two of my favorite things rolled up in to one, dressing up and being with my friends. Haha such a girl, right ?! Haha I only wish I had a camera too. I love taking pictures. Here are some pictures that my friend Bethany took. :)

Before Hair and Make-up. :) Well I guess it will only let me put all the pictures at the top of the post so they are all up there haha.

Something new that recently happend is a YSA Conference. It was super cool. I went to one class and the topic was Health. I learned alot about the importance of Vitamin D and Melatonin vitamins. Both up your chances greatly in preventing cancer or other diseases! Time to start a new vitamin regimine. Then we watched the CES Fireside, and it was on Eternal marriage. I learned alot over the weekend.

Well I think that is all for now aside from my sister performing in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe Production on the 24th. But I'll take pictures and tell you about it when that comes.

Untill next time...