Monday, March 29, 2010

Another Perfectly Good Catch-Up Post In My Life

Well It's Official, I'm not a great blogger. :) So I guess from now on I'll start off with the things that I missed telling you.(In list form)
- After 3 months of working with Allen Pediatrics I got laid-off due to the financial unstability of the practice.
- I cut my hair short. It's an A-line Cut and in the front its a few inches below my chin. Sorry I dont have a picture to show you. I'm trying to find the perfect picture to post on here. :)
- I have put in my paperwork to be a counselor at EFY this Summer. I'm SUPER excited!!! I love working with the youth and I love sharing my testimony of the gospel. :D
- Just recently found a new job at an internal medicine doctor and so far it has been a good experience. I'm refreshing my memory on how to do the things I went to school to learn. It's just hard sometimes because the doctor is pure indian and his accent is so strong to where I have to go over what he's saying over and over again in order to decode it. The other MA's in the office are a great help too.
- Right now I am preparing to take the National Certification test in April. If you remember what the ACT was like, then put it in health career terms and you've got the test. So im trying to remember all I can to pass it. The official test date is on April 9th, and I'm counting down the days.
- I do still have the goal to move out of my parents home in July(Well as Far as plan A goes). I am looking at an appartment in Plano with a good friend of mine and hopefully it all works out. I'm just dreading the start of Student loan payments next month and I'm definatley hoping it doesn't interfere with the plans. But if it does, I dont mind waiting for the man of my life to come into the picture and take me away. :) haha
- Speaking of True love. I have the most amazing opportunity to be a bridesmade to a good friend of mine who is getting married in september. I am soo excited for her! and they are soooo cute together. Just Saying :)
Well i have to get some sleep now. Working bright and early tomorrow morning. Love you all.
-Heather Ashleigh Bell

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